Your brand.
Your story.
Your success.

And a communications strategy that matches your business.​


Earn news coverage from your wins and manage media.


Get in front of the right people and reach your goals.

Websites &

Websites that look good and work beautifully - uniquely yours.


Photo, Video & Design - All of the tools you need to tell your story.

Websites, Marketing Plans, Media Relations,
Visual Content...

Your product, your business and your story are unique. We will listen to your needs and provide the solution to help you reach your goals. Launch your new website, market it on social media and see your launch event in the local newspaper.

Our plans are built to meet your unique needs.

Our Clients

Some of our clients, current and past.

Our Philosophy

The core values that keep our clients happy and returning. 

Personalised Service

You are not your competitor - so don't be stuck imitating. We work to help you create websites and campaigns that are uniquely yours.


We ensure your business' communications are professional and ensure that you experience nothing but the same in dealing with our team.

Change is Good

Your communications needs may change yearly, monthly or weekly. With Fahey Media, we adapt campaigns to new medias and consistently reach new audiences.

Past Projects

What They Say

Testimonials from current and previous clients.